Thing 23: Making It Work Together

Here it is - the final Thing! I made it! A lot of ground has been covered in these 23 Things, so an obvious question is, "How do I stay on top of all these tools, platforms, streams and other gubbins?". An answer would be to have a look at Rudaí23's final Thing! They suggest…Continue reading Thing 23: Making It Work Together

Thing 22: Mobile Things

As recommended by Thing 22 - Mobile Things, I have been been playing around with the fashionably retro app, Gum. The app's creators describe Gum as "the social network of things". Sounds great, but doesn't tell you very much - but luckily, the app is about as simple as apps get these days. The website…Continue reading Thing 22: Mobile Things

Thing 21: Infographics

Infographics are a fun and striking way to present information and have caught on in a big way. I have been a fan of David McCandless' work for a while now - if you haven't already, you should check out his books Information Is Beautiful and Knowledge Is Beautiful. Are infographics better than a traditional Excel/PowerPoint…Continue reading Thing 21: Infographics

Things 19 and 20: The Legals and Presentations

I am in danger of losing my momentum with Rudaí23 Things, so in an effort to get back in the swing of writing - and to get caught up so I can finish the course in time - I am going to look briefly at two Things in this post: Thing 19 - The Legal…Continue reading Things 19 and 20: The Legals and Presentations

Thing 18: Communicating through photographs

You know what they say about pictures and words. Instagram I run an Instagram account in my school library at the moment (although, I must confess, I have neglected it since the summer holidays. I must rectify that this week). I tweet pictures of new stock, author visits, events and random bits of loveliness that…Continue reading Thing 18: Communicating through photographs

Thing 17: Reflective Practice 3/Augmented Reality revisited

View image | Rudaí 23 has definitely been worth the time and effort I have put into it. I have implemented a number of things that I have learnt on these Things. This is the story of one such implementation. "Here, have a look at this cool thing I've been playing with," I said…Continue reading Thing 17: Reflective Practice 3/Augmented Reality revisited

Thing 16: Collaboration Tools

I work in a "Google School" - we use Gmail rather than Outlook; Google Docs, Sheets and Slides rather than MS Office; Chrome to browse the internet; we have Chromebooks for students; and we collaborate using Google Drive. My line manager meeting notes go on the Drive, all staff notices and minutes and procedures and…Continue reading Thing 16: Collaboration Tools

Thing 15: Library Advocacy

Library Advocacy - putting yourself out there to stand up for what you do. View image | Like many librarians, I'm not good at making a noise. I am much more comfortable quietly getting on with what I do, but I am all too aware that occasionally I will need to step out of…Continue reading Thing 15: Library Advocacy

Thing 14: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) - the Next Big Thing or a flash in the pan? A useful education tool or a fun little distraction? And, more to the point, just what is AR? Put simply, it is a way of using smart devices to interact with things around you. For example, if I were to go…Continue reading Thing 14: Augmented Reality

Thing 13: Professional Organisations

I joined CILIP while doing my Masters - our lecturers encouraged us to join, but I got mixed signals from them about the usefulness of CILIP as an organisation. I was working in a public library at the time, and I got the impression that there weren't many librarians in my local authority who were…Continue reading Thing 13: Professional Organisations