Me and my library card, reflected in a mirror.

This Thing is about developing a habit of reflecting on what we are learning on the course, and to harness this reflective habit in our working lives, too.

I have found the course more interesting and engaging than I feared I might - I consider myself proficient in many of the areas covered by this course. It is not the introductory aspects that I have found useful, more the opportunity to engage with and think actively about the various platforms and concepts. For example, I have a bad habit of 'lurking' on the web - reading blogs and social media without commenting or posting much myself.  This course has helped me get back on the blogging horse, got me more engaged on Twitter, G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I've commented on a number of fellow Rudaí 23ers blogs, and interacted with comments on my own blog.

I must confess, though, to being aware of an ingrained bias - I tend to gloss over posts that I don't identify with and only comment on those blog posts I agree with or can relate to. For example, Kiminthelibrary's post about Google+ perfectly encapsulated my own reservations about the platform. I'll also focus on School or Public Librarians (Kiminthelibrary and I are both School Librarians who started as Saturday Assistants in public libraries). I think it would be useful to engage with a wider range of experiences, opinions, ideas, views, knowledge, perspectives and librarians. This is my challenge to myself for the next stage of the course.

I'll keep this post brief, as I'm still playing catch up. So now, on to Thing 7: Podcasts!