Time management. Now there's a thing. I can easily spend so much time managing time that I end up with no time to do anything else! Time time time!

I test and reject and retry and implement all kinds of time management tools - todo lists, calendar reminders, e-mail, bullet lists . . . I use different tools at work and home (occassionally both). At work, I use Google Calendar, Wunderlist and e-mail to keep on top of my workload. At home I use Appigo Todo, Apple's Calendar, a physical calendar and e-mail.

One of my favourite pieces of organisational software is a virtual notebook where you can create infinitely nested bullet points: WorkFlowy 1 (the name I'm not so keen on). I use this extensively both at work and at home. It's hard to explain but easy to use - you can have a play around with it to see how it works.

The 'work' section of my WorkFlowy.

And there I go again, getting sidetracked by the technicalities of managing time.

And having said all that, I haven't yet used any of these tools for managing my time on this course. What I have done is to make sure I have a very organised partner who writes detailed to-do lists everyday, and to get him to remind me when it's time to work on a Thing. Easy!

I've been lucky so far - as a school librarian I've had a lot of time to spend on the course over the summer holidays. I have fallen a bit behind, mainly because I've been away, but I've still got a few days left to catch up before going back to work next week - I imagine it will be a different story then.



  1. This is a referral link, which will give both you and me an extra 250 monthly items (the free version of WorkFlowy lets you create 250 bullet points a month - I have never got close to reaching my limit)