They're Not Like Us, Vol. 1: Black Holes for the YoungThey're Not Like Us, Vol. 1: Black Holes for the Young by Eric Stephenson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.

They're Not Like Us is a kind of super-anti-hero comic, focusing on a group of young adults (teens to 30s?) with various psychic abilities (such as reading thoughts, controlling fire, controlling computers, making people hallucinate) and violent tendencies, led by a psychopath going by the name of The Voice. The story follows one teen's introduction to the group following an unsuccessful suicide attempt (she is unable to control or cope with the voices in her head - or her family's disinclination to believe her).

I liked this book, but didn't love it. The illustrations are good, although there were a couple of instances where I had to go back over the frames a few times to figure out what was happening.

I don't quiet get why all the characters were buying into The Voice's world view - but maybe that is explored in more detail later in the series. I'd be interested to read more, but it is not at the top of my To Read list.

Recommended for angsty teens!

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